Creative Learning in Museums


Steve McCurry, ‘Unguarded Moment’, State Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia

Over the past 14 months I have had the opportunity to work with creative, innovative and very talented people as part of The Creative Museum project.

Our partners include Cap Sciences, France; Heritec, UK; Museolitto, Finland; MiST, Norway; Steps, Italy; Istituto per beni culturali, artistici e naturali, Italy; Inspired by Coffee, the Netherlands; Radiona Maker Space, Croatia and Don Undeen, former Former Founding Manager of the MediaLab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This motley crew of creatives are ones to watch.

“The Creative Museum Project seeks to explore and inform the connections between our cultural organisations and their communities by capitalising on the emergence of new and democratising digital technologies.  Seeking to extend the language of engagement through the medium of accessible, customisable, and personal digital experiences.  The project sees museums as dynamic learning environments in which staff and visitors can use accessible digital tools to explore and reason about collections in new and creative ways.”

Watch this space for more updates 🙂





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