The Creative Museum went Brighton & Dublin and this is what it discovered

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The Creative Museum project team re-convened in Brighton for a partner meeting and workshop Building a Creative Museum Together 24 September 2016. Participants were introduced to both local and project partner case studies of creative collaboration as well as a series of quick-fire workshops for participants to experience different aspects of how to develop a creative museum. These included workshops with Kevin Bacon, Brighton Museum, Jenny Siung, Chester Beatty Library, Marilyne Basilic & Juliette Giraud, Museomix, Sejul Malde, Culture 24, Deborah Hustic, Radiona Makerspace, and facilitated by Don Undeen of Georgetown University and Jo Anne Sunderland Bowe of Heritec UK.  The event was part of Brighton Digital Festival.

As part of the Creative Museum project initiative (2014-2017) one of its aims is to disseminate where partner meetings take place as well as share findings, research and skills. Cecile Marsan, Cap Sciences, introduced both recent case studies of good practice across Europe as well as our recommendations on creative practice and collaboration.

Building a Creative Museum Together


Building a Creative Museum Together. Photo: Jenny Siung

We had a very good cross-section of participants who were introduced to four key components of building a creative museum together. They were divided into working groups with active listeners who took notes on core themes: identifying your community; listening across cultures; ‘Spaces for Yes’; iterating towards success. These were all preceded by short presentations related to the themes to kick-start the group conversations. Feedback proved to be insightful and will be used in the Creative Museum project recommendations. Watch this space!

Museums and Makers Inspiring Each Other: Re-Imagining the Museum Experience for Makers 1-2 October 2016 in the Chester Beatty Library


Museums & Makers Inspiring Each Other workshop. Photo: Jenny Siung


Museums & Makers Inspiring Each Other workshop. Photo: Jenny Siung


Museums & Makers Inspiring Each Other workshop. Photo: Jenny Siung

Don Undeen, Make Create Innovate and Jenny Siung, Chester Beatty Library co-presented a 2-day workshop for local museums and makers and discovered how museums can inspire creative responses as well as explorations of content without feeling hindered or afraid of museum-related obstacles (e.g. no photography, no food or drink allowed in galleries, be quiet, no bags allowed, etc.).

We worked with a group of 17 local creatives who were introduced to a number of objects from the collection, explore how they would respond using their unique skills individually as well as in groups. Don provided a card game and encouraged the group out of their comfort zones to create fun, engaging, quirky and creative responses to their ‘newer’ museum experience; these ranged from singing a song in the gallery to whispering the name of a painting in a stranger’s ear.

Make Create Innovate provided a hands-on maker-style workshop on the second day with specific focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) as well as develop ideas around objects, historical or contemporary, fusing electronic engineering and the historical evolution of that object.


Museums & Makers Inspiring Each Other workshop. Photo: Jenny Siung

To complete the 2 days, Don Undeen provided a Design Thinking exercise whereby the participants were encouraged to think of their intended audience, listen to their needs, respond by developing a prototype and then create a 3D impression of this.  The results were incredible and as a group of creatives, the wish to continue, network, create and collaborate was very apparent.

Over the course of these 2 workshops the Creative Museum project has learned a lot and will include in its overall findings for dissemination on its website.

One thing is for sure – creativity is fun; innovative; provides much-needed insights for museums as well as creatives and collaboration as well as risk-taking is key to success.



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